Careers at YANG

We dedicate ourselves to the retention and advancement of our team. Our aim is to identify exceptional talent, honour diligent effort, and duly reward achievement.

At Yang

Our team members drive forward the firm’s ethos of integrity, innovation, and unparalleled achievement.

We aim to recruit the leaders, thinkers and innovators of the scientific community: both seasoned professionals and aspiring students across all asset classes we invest in. The dedication of our employees have elevated YANG to a position of esteemed private markets investor and a trusted ally to industrious teams worldwide.

Quant Positions at YANG

Our team members are our greatest asset. They are skilled and curious innovators and who see challenges as opportunities. Their unique passions and backgrounds create diverse and creative teams. Discussion and precise, fact-based observations lead to better decision-making.

STEM Careers

STEM talent are core contributors to theses developed in-house.

Portfolio Opportunities

Discover open positions by contacting our portfolio teams directly.

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