The Science of

of Private Markets

YANG is one of the first quantitative private markets investment companies in the world.
Market Intelligence Sources across 3 continents
Decades of combined experience in data acquisition & analytics
Data Scientists, Mathematicians & Engineers creating value in private markets
Team members from science & non-financial backgrounds
Proprietary technologies creating value in private markets
Developed in-house tools for private asset analytics
Our Edge
defined by Advanced Quantitative Analysis
Private markets are defined by asymmetric access to data. YANG is built on seeking & finding the most complete market data.
We apply our models in analysing the drivers of the deviation of private equity portfolios from the industry benchmarks, particularly in developed markets where data tends to be complete.
Capital Structure & Exit Strategy
Large model analytics of the most efficient capital structures and their influence on exit outcomes help to narrow operational focus of portfolio companies.
Asset Pricing & Risk Analytics
Dynamic quant tools & academic research allow to adequately measure the effects of market conditions & volatility on asset pricing & risks in the private markets.

Featured Investment

Our investments are a result of research & proprietary technologies built in collaboration with the academic community. Science creates innovation.
Academic Partnerships